About Calco Construction

Since 1985, Calco Construction has been a trusted Connecticut home builder. Founder John Senese established his company to provide custom home building based on individual customers’ desires. He has established a firm reputation for honesty and integrity and takes pride in ongoing relationships with satisfied clients.

What Makes Calco Construction Special?
Craftsmanship and client satisfaction make Calco Construction one of the leading residential and commercial developers in Connecticut. John and his team use state-of-the-art construction procedures, aggressive scheduling, and personalized service to rise to the top of the competition. Homes built by Calco Construction over 30 years ago stand today as an example of timeless style, high resale, and low operating costs.

Calco Construction far surpasses the required basics of construction. They use superior-quality materials and the newest techniques. This produces homes and commercial buildings that are structurally stronger than the average building. These spaces require less maintenance and provide better comfort. Great strides in energy efficiency have been incorporated into Calco’s designs, presenting more efficient homes and businesses. The result is a finished product that is comfortable to live and work in, yet has lower utility bills. Energy Star qualified homes built by Calco include:

  • Tight construction
  • Tight ducts
  • Energy-efficient HVAC
  • High-performance windows
  • Effective, state-of-the-art insulation

Calco Construction is special, too, because of John. He has extensive residential and commercial construction experience and has provided leadership for many projects in the area. This highly motivated, dependable expert demonstrates professionalism in every situation and is as comfortable on the job site working with contractors as he is in the office discussing design with the customer. John has won awards for his business savvy, including the Chamber of Commerce New Development awards for his Queen Street Plaza and 341 West Street development, both in Southington.

What Does Calco Construction Do?
John’s vast experience has built a company that makes it a preeminent home builder in Connecticut. But, Calco Construction is also one of the leading commercial construction companies in the area. Industrial spaces built by Calco Construction are eco-friendly and have lower operating costs than other buildings of that size.

In addition, Calco Construction takes the development and construction from the ground up. Every detail is scrutinized, and then handed over to the craftsmen who provide outstanding products.

Calco Construction also puts the customer first, providing exceptional customer service. They want the customer to enjoy the home buying and building experience. Whether you want residential developers in Connecticut, or construction of an industrial space, Calco Construction is the company to call. They provide:

  • Custom homes
  • Restoration
  • Commercial construction
  • Office space
  • Industrial space

Call Calco Construction to get started on your dream home.